Our Commitments

As a brand developed by Fair Trade Lebanon, Terroirs du Liban guarantees that all our products are harvested and produced to the highest standards of quality. We are committed to respecting and preserving the traditional knowledge of Lebanese farmers and food producers, and to fair remuneration for all producers.
Terroirs du Liban products are not only delicious, they are also totally free of the artificial colouring, flavouring and preservatives found in so many commercial foodstuffs and which are known to be a major factor in the development of various diseases.

Our products are selected according to rigorous hygiene criteria and are submitted to multiple tests which allow us to certify and export our products as “additive and preservative free”. Ours are products of an exceptional taste and quality that answer today’s demands of healthier living and eating.

So far, five Terroirs du Liban products have received the organic certification “Agriculture Biologique” from the Institut Méditerranéen de Certification (IMC).

The IMC is an independent accredited organisation that grants the “Agriculture Biologique” certification to businesses working in the agricultural field: a guarantee of competence and consistency with international standards. Many more Terroirs Du Liban products are undergoing the certification process.
The Terroirs du Liban team have a dream: to take you to the heart and soul of Lebanese cuisine. A cuisine that is recognised and loved in every corner of the world. A cuisine that makes us proud.

For you, we journey across Lebanon, visiting distant villages to meet local producers and cooperatives and discover their traditional recipes and the flavours from the past.

For you, all our products are locally prepared in the old ways with rigorously selected local ingredients. Products that are rich in flavour.

The variety of our products reflects the richness of Lebanon, a mix of people, influences and ecosystems.
Honouring our commitment to fair trading, we always look for new ways to develop our food range while contributing to a more ethical and transparent business.

Terroirs du Liban is a brand developed by Fair Trade Lebanon, Lebanon’s primary promoter of fair trade. Thanks to a partnership based on transparency and respect, fair trading gives support to local producers by ensuring the sale and export of their products, and by offering them trading conditions that guarantee a minimum price and fair distribution of profits.

So far, our red wine and olive oil are certified FAIRTRADE, an international label that guarantees these products were made in accordance with the standards and principles of fair trading. The certified products are yearly checked and subject to an audit. Our objective is to certify all our products FAIRTRADE.